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Learning throught play

Spanish Immersion Preschool

Our school is an immersive school in which we practice the Spanish language throughout the day, we emphasize in practicing the language, rather than memorizing words.


We implement many different activities to keep our students engaged everyday, we believe in learning by doing, so we make sure our students have plenty of interesting and exciting things to do every day, at Yatichawi no two days are the same!


We know that you wish you could spend the whole day with your children but you also have responsibilities, so we make sure you have peace of mind when you trust us with the care of your children, because we are parents, we only provide the best care for your little ones.

Our Approach

We use exciting teaching techniques such as an arts and crafts area, math and science area, language and sensorial activities area, Latin rhythms, fairy tales, games, mini chef, cultivation and nature and yoga. We offer wide variety of Latin-flavored and international foods that are healthy and nutritious. All of our meals are homemade and centered around fresh fruits and vegetables, and organic whenever possible.

What Our Parents and Friends Say

Yatichawi is truly a godsend. If you have a little one there isn't a better place for them to thrive and have a home away from from, In a few words Connie and team are loving, nutring, attentive, pattient and kind. I truly feel no stress when muy son is at daycare knowing he is in the best hands and having a ball with all of his buddies! If a smile at drop off and pick up isn't enough to tell me ... the picture and videos throughout the day say it all. We love Yatichawi!!!
Crista C.
I recently attended Yatichawi's open house, I'm new to this area and must I say I was beyond impressed by the quality of the service. Every staff member in Yatichawi, are not only CPR certified but they really take the time to make every child feel at home, while Learning a new language (Spanish). I am excited for my 3 year old Daughter to start learning a new language and make new friends at Yatichawi. Thank You!!! 110% recommend parents to check it out!
Genesis D.
Extremely blessed to have found the perfect day care for my child. My son is four and currently goes to school from 8 am to 12 pm he then rides the school buss to Yatichawi day care and is thre from 1 pm to 6 pm. I'm telling you guys this women is the best, she was so helpful and so open to my special arragements that I'm truly great full for that. This place is super clean, the staff is super great, the lunches are super tasty looking (everything is organic), and my son loves going here. She also has an app where she updates you with photos through out the day. I was impressed from the minute I walked in. Definitely worth every penny; can't wait for my son to build memories here.
Leydy C.
I have sent my child to Yatichawi for nine months, and she has thrived with their care. Connie and her team have created a safe, loving and supportive environment for kids to learn and grow. The communication from the team is clear, they are responsive to individual student and parent needs, and they consistently demonstrate that they have the children at the center of their practice. I found Yatichawi after a different daycare experience that was unwilling to meet the needs of my nine month old. From the moment I stepped into Yaticahwi I sensed it would be a different experience, and indeed that is true. From meeting educational to nutritional to developmental needs, Yatichawi is really exceptional.
We'd recommend this school to anyone! Our daughter loves going there every morning and doesn´t wan´t to leave at the end of the day. So engaging, full of activities, fresh and healthy meals, and Spanish immersion.

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Connie Farias

Founder & CEO

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